Whole Foods


We were allowed to pick a brand for this project, and I chose Whole Foods. My friend Jess Polk had really nice food photography that I wanted to use for the art direction.


Inspired by the Ryan Gosling "hey girl" memes, I wrote copy to encourage shoppers to get back in their kitchens and cook with the awesomely fresh Whole Foods ingredients available to them. The recipes on the poster, print ad, and the direct mail actually pertain to the food in the visual.

Guerilla- To go along with the sassy copy, I wanted to use a giant vegetable as the guerilla component for this campaign. The giant carrot would be on street corners and as people walked by it would say things that sound like the rest of the campaign voice.

Direct Mail- This postcard would be mailed out to the people who would sign up for the mailers at the cash registers of Whole Foods stores as they are paying for their groceries. This could also be handed out at the registers as a POS piece.

Email Blast- This is an online monthy email that would be sent out to users who sign up with their email addresses either at checkout in a Whole Foods store or online by clicking on the banner ad. Every month a new recipe is sent to recipients, encouraging them to cook more.