United Airlines


My good friend Sami Cappa needed some copy to go with her illustrations for an advertising illustration course.


To go along with the playful art direction, the copy points out how friendly-- and in turn, relaxing-- flying with United really is.

Body Copy-

How you get to your destination is just as important as why you’re going. From the people involved to the airline cabin, flying is notorious for being an uncomfortable hassle. It’s about time the airline with the most destinations around the world takes the time to improve their customer’s entire flying experience. Those monotonous air travel habits are finally being liberated in order to provide an entirely new way to fly.

Body Copy-

Stressing out about your flight is in the past. Take a break and relax on your flight to one of our many locations around the world. You are more than just a customer on one of our five thousand daily flights, so sit back and turn your business trip into a mini vacation, even for just a little while.

Body Copy-

Leaving the daily stress of life down on the ground becomes easier with every mile climbed while on board our aircrafts. More space in the cabin is key to a smoother ride when it comes to providing a superior flying experience. Sometimes all it takes are little things to bring you into a better world while flying with us.