Nerf Rebelle


Hasbro launched their Nerf Rebelle line of toys in fall of 2013. These Nerf toys marketed specifically for girls is in need of an integrated campaign to jump start the toy’s successful future.


Create an integrated campaign focused around a series of Nerf battles called "Nerf Rebelle Supreme" battles. Girls around the country are now able to show off their Nerf tag skills just like how the boys have always done with their Nerf guns, and the winners of each battle are the supremes.

Starting with a print ad and poster, transitioning online to the microsite and app. The Facebook and Twitter accounts will generate hype about the events virtually, while an outdoor contest does so in the real world. Girls are chosen for a mission to find all of the hidden Nerf Rebelle dart stickers in cities near them, and using the app, gain entries into a contest to win a toy from the Nerf Rebelle line given away at the supreme battle near them.

Body Copy-

You are agile, swift, and strong on the battlefield. So far you
haven’t met your match, male or female. Your friends know when
you come out to play, the game is truly on. But there are others like you,
who think they are the supreme one in the battle. Grab a parent and visit to learn more about the epic game coming to a city near you.