Pencils of Promise


Pencils of Promise, an organization that works to build schools for underprivledged children in Africa, is in need of donations to continue to do their great work.


The print campaign was executed to raise awareness of the work that Pencils of Promise does and how the children are the ones who directly benefit from the donations received.

Body Copy-

I want to see them smile and hug me tight for
doing a good job in school. Donations like yours go towards
the building and operation of schools in low income countries
like mine. I may not be the perfect student all the time, but
having the ability to learn means a lot to me.

Body Copy-

I like science the most because it comes easiest
to me. Your donation would help many other kids find their
favorite subject too. I’m not good in every class, but I still enjoy
learning about so many new things.

Body Copy-

I was so happy when I knew the answer to every
question. Lots of kids around the world won’t know how good it
feels to get a test back with an A at the top unless you get
involved and donate to this organization. I may not ace every
test, but I love having the chance to try.