Mary Kay


Mary Kay sponsored the 2013-2014 NSAC competition, asking for an integrated campaign that speaks to millennials with a $10M budget.


Our team, through extensive research, found that millennials wear makeup primarily to feel more confident. Our campaign focuses around the "mirror moment" of when she looks in the mirror after applying her makeup and just feels good about herself. I was the lead copywriter on the direct mail piece, and wrote the testing and evaluation part of the plans book. I was also involved in directing focus groups, analyzing data, gathering surveys, general concepting, editing the copy for the print ads, tv spot, and all copy for the plans book.

Website- We decided to keep the current Mary Kay website and change some content to appeal to our millennial target market. The IBC profiles were reworked to be more personalized and informative. IBCs can now showcase their signature looks and tips, tell how they let the inside out, and even show YouTube tutorials they have created.

YouTube- The YouTube channel will show tutorials from IBCs, teaching millennials how to use their Mary Kay makeup to create all kinds of unique looks and simutaneously bring out their best inner qualities.

Twitter- The @MKBeautyCrew will have customized software to monitor customer inquiries. All IBCs will have access to the account through one online location, assuring that someone will be available to answer any questions and provide feedback at any time.

Direct Mail- This piece will be sent out to those who have expressed an interest in becoming an IBC. It provides information about becoming an IBC and gives a brief history of the Mary Kay brand, encouraging readers to join the community. The piece also opens up into an inspirational poster that can be kept as a reminder of our campaign’s key message- let the inside out.

Pinterest- The "Pin it to Win it" contest starts as a normal pin on Pinterest, directing readers to the website events page. Each day Mary Kay posts a word describing a positive quality in women. Participants are instructed to pick a friend who they think possesses that quality of the day and take a candid photo of them. They pin the photo along with a personal message to Mary Kay’s Pinterest board called "Inside Out". Those with the most favorites, and their friends, receive Mary Kay makeovers and a professional photoshoot. The winners are also encouraged to post their post makeover photos to social media using the hashtag #MKInsideOut. Mary Kay’s Pinterest account will also have boards showcasing tutorials and makeup tips, encouraging pinners to let the inside out.

Suggested Facebook Posts- Sponsored suggested posts will appear within the millennial target market (and those who are in our 10 key DMA’s) who have liked other cosmetic brands or beauty pages to increase activity on the Mary Kay Facebook page.


Elevator: Statements that mirror the print ad copy will be written like graffiti on the back walls of elevators. As people leave the elevators, they see themselves in a large mirror mounted on the wall across from the doors. Reflected in the mirror are the words on the back of the elevator along with the tagline and #MKInsideOut and the Mary Kay logo.

Mirror Moment Wall: The mirror displays invite women to write their strongest inner quality on a mirror and take a selfie in their mirror, posting the Mirror Moment to social media with #MKInsideOut. These displays will be in the 10 target DMA’s during the Mary Kay Makeover Monday tour.

Makeover Monday- Mary Kay will host these events at 10 large college campuses across the country. At the event, guests will take an online personality quiz that reveals their most prominent inner quality, which isn’t revealed to them right away. They meet with an IBC, who has seen the quiz results, and gives them a makeover that reflects their quality. When the makeover is complete, the participants have their photo taken at their mirror moment, when they are told the results of the quiz. They are encouraged to post the photo on social media, using #MKInsideOut. The photos from the events will also be posted on the Mary Kay events tab of the website. Participants also receive a promotional t-shirt that can be read in a mirror, and given a compact mirror to remind them that Mary Kay helped them let the inside out.

Broadcast- The commercial will run in both 60 and 30 second spots, presenting the campaign manifesto of being free and expressing yourself.